Njord Medtech

Njord Medtech is driven by the motto that knowing is not enough. We must act. By applying an innovation-centric approach targeting hospital stakeholders we strive to create a satisfying and value-driven healthcare system for the many.

Together with our partners and healthcare professionals we continuously explore and evaluate need areas for which new technologies and products can be applied to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

In a short-term perspective Njord targets to increase value throughput at Radiology departments with a patented motorized device – Atle® 180. Additionally, a new solution to facilitate supine to prone position improving patient oxygenation is under development.


Breakit berättar om Vitalas framfart i USA

Breakit berättar om Vitalas framfart i USA

"De ska göra det nästan omöjliga i USA:s ökänt krångliga sjukvårdssystem – en win-win-win. Redan nu har oväntade dörrar öppnats för Umeå-syskonens startup som digitaliserar motion på recept. Med fast mark under fötterna i Texas (genom en prestigefylld accelerator) tar...

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