Investeringar – LSI Gamma

Här kommer korta presentationer av våra genomförda investeringar i LSI Gamma.
Innehållet uppdateras fortlöpande. RondelO™ avoid infusion therapy drugs accidentally being mixed and combats drug incompatibility by design, and it is the only physical device that adds an extra layer of safety for the nurse to do right. Only one of the drugs connected to the Luer inlets can flow to the patient at the same time. Furthermore flushing fluid is always available, to be used to separate drugs from mixing and rinsing the tube further down the line.

In 2019 Acorai was founded and set out to develop the first scalable and non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitor in the world.

Acorai believe that it has the potential to dramatically improve the health outcome for more than 60 million people suffering from heart failure around the world.

Geras Solution works to improve the lives of the millions of people who are directly or indirectly affected by cognitive impairment and cognitive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.
Geras does this by providing a simple route for an initial assessment and support for further investigation, but also advice on brain health and how to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

BioReperia has developed a unique zebrafish tumor xenograft (ZTX™) technology platform that provides functional in-vivo data to evaluate treatment efficacy for tumor regression and metastasis inhibition in only 5 days.

Our goal is to increase the speed and accuracy of preclinical drug development for cancer treatment, enabling you to select the lead candidates with the highest potential to succeed in less time.

Worlds first pain-free, efficient, anesthesia procedure improving endothermal treatment of varicose veins.

MedVASC AB introduces an innovative treatment procedure with only one cut through the patient’s skin and a single catheter introduced into their vein. It encloses both a laser fibre (or electrode in RFA) and an anesthetic needle. Our device Solutio operates the needle and punctures the vein wall to numb the surrounding tissue. Then, the ablation is performed on the anesthetized section.

Njord Medtech is driven by the motto that knowing is not enough. We must act. By applying an innovation-centric approach targeting hospital stakeholders we strive to create a satisfying and value-driven healthcare system for the many.

Together with our partners and healthcare professionals we continuously explore and evaluate need areas for which new technologies and products can be applied to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

In a short-term perspective Njord targets to increase value throughput at Radiology departments with a patented motorized device – Atle® 180. Additionally, a new solution to facilitate supine to prone position improving patient oxygenation is under development.

PapersHive – Be it pharmacovigilance, a report to FDA/EMA or a submission to a publishing journal, we know that the biggest risk of your Life Science process is missing scientific evidence, as it increases the likelyhood to be rejected. With the help of AI and automation, parts of the search process can be speed up, and many manual tasks can be removed completely. That’s why we’ve created an ecosystem uniting AI Search, Reference Management and Team Collaboration, to help pharma in their Drug-to-Market Journey every day.